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Gateway College

Gifted & Talented

Gateway College is home to over 1500 learners, studying a range of academic and vocational qualifications from entry level to level 3. There is an emphasis on creating a personalised learning experience for each student that includes essential life skills, specialist subject skills and preparation for further study and the world of work.

Many of our courses are complemented by the impressive range of enrichments that include accredited Citizenship, Employability units, Learning to Learn units and other activities such as participating in dance, fashion, music, sports teams, writing for the College magazine and becoming a Student Ambassador.

Our ethos is that education is for all. We are proud to be an open access college that will not discriminate in terms of ethnicity, sex, religion, previous educational attainment, etc.

We believe all students have a gift or a talent that needs to be discovered and carefully nurtured. We hope this booklet gives you all food for thought...

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