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Gateway College

The College Charter

If you wish to become a student, you can expect:

Reliable and impartial advice on the choices available; clear and accurate information about courses, entry requirements, final qualifications and facilities; how courses are taught and work is assessed, and how your learning will be managed; details of the arrangements for those with learning difficulties or disabilities; information on how well the College is doing, including published inspection reports on the quality of what it provides.

You can also expect to:

Have your application for a place handled fairly and efficiently; to be shown teaching areas and learning facilities; to be told about the charges the College may make and about any financial help that is available.

Once you are enrolled, you can expect:

  • High quality teaching and direction of your learning;
  • Regular information on your progress and achievements;
  • Access to impartial careers advice and other guidance and counselling;
  • Prompt payment of allowances, if you are eligible

Wheelchair access:

All of the College site can be accessed by students with physical disabilities, with additional provision where appropriate.

For further details of the complaints process please see the full charter.

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