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Gateway College

Why Gateway College?

Why is it Important to Study?

At Gateway College we realise how vital education is for our students. For every available job there are now at least 50 other people applying for it.
We need to prepare our students to be better than the competition.

Research shows that a better College education has long term benefits such as:

  • Improved general health
  • A longer, happier life
  • Increased lifetime salary

Preparing Gateway Students

We need to produce people who know how to act when they’re faced with situations for which they were not specifically prepared.

Papert, 1998

At Gateway we realise that the fundamental competitive skill we need to teach is the skill of being able to learn. Not only will our students learn skills associated with the subjects they choose to study but they will learn competitive skills such as learning to give the right response in situations outside the scope of what is taught in schools to carry them forward into the world of work and enable them to succeed.

Striving to Succeed

Not only do we strive to implement a successful and challenging educational programme but also to instil an appetite to learn and continue learning throughout adult life. If our students leave us with a hunger to learn then we have succeeded.

Our staff believe that every student can learn, regardless of other factors such as their background, their parent’s background, demographics or ethnicity.

All of our students have the ability to enjoy, learn and succeed.

Applying to Gateway College

Gateway College is happy to accept applications from “home” students who have a right to reside in the UK.

If you are an overseas student and are required to apply to the UK Border Agency for a student visa we will not be able to accept your application as the College is not registered with UKBA to enrol overseas students. 



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