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English Language A Level

Course Duration

A Level is a 2 year course.

Entry Requirements

Plus GCSE English Language Grade B is essential.

Assessment of A Level

Assessment at A Level is by exam at the end of two years plus a piece of assessed coursework.

Course Overview

These courses will allow you to develop your understanding of what language is, how we learn to use it and the ways in which it varies according to who we are, where and when we live. You will learn about texts of all kinds – written, spoken, and electronic and gain valuable skills in analysing how language creates meaning.  As well as analysing language, you will use it creatively to write for different audiences and purposes.  You are encouraged to join the creative writing group, contribute to the college magazine and enter our regular creative writing competitions.  English Language works well with Psychology, Law, Media Studies, English Literature and Sociology.

Career Progression

English Language is a traditional A level, highly respected by universities and employers. It is a perfect choice for those planning a career where linguistic skills are valued. It is ideal for those aiming to pursue Higher Education courses in English, Journalism, Law, Psychology and the Humanities.

Further Information

As a student on A Level English Language course you have the opportunity to become a Literacy Leader – supporting students on Entry Level and Level 1 English courses and reinforcing your own knowledge of how language works. There will also be a trip to the The British Library in London.


English Student Profiles

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