From the Principal

About Us

Dear Student,

Thank you very much for considering Gateway College as your progression route. There is so much that we can offer you. We are very well known for the way in which we support our students with the change from secondary school to sixth form, helping you to choose the right subjects that will enable you to achieve your career goal and developing the skills and attitudes that will make you successful in your future life. 

We offer a comprehensive range of courses from entry level to level 3, academic and vocational.

Coming to Gateway will give you access to our wide network of former students, employers and universities. We will work with you so that you can make the most of what they have to offer, their expertise, work experience opportunities, guest lectures and mentorship amongst other contributions.

Your progression is a focus for us, as much as it is for you. It is about your progression from week to week and term to term in all aspects of your learning and development. We are interested in your progression when you leave Gateway College and we are keen to find out how you progress in your chosen career.

Warmest regards,
James Bagley
Principal of Gateway Sixth Form College

Gateway College

At Gateway we realise that the fundamental competitive skill we need to teach is the skill of being able to learn. Not only will our students learn skills associated with the subjects they choose to study but they will learn competitive skills such as learning to give the right response in situations outside the scope of what is taught in schools to carry them forward into the world of work and enable them to succeed.

Not only do we strive to implement a successful and challenging educational programme but also to instil an appetite to learn and continue learning throughout adult life. If our students leave us with a hunger to learn then we have succeeded.

Our staff believe that every student can learn, regardless of other factors such as their background, their parents background, demographics or ethnicity.

Why is it Important to Study?

At Gateway College we realise how vital education is for our students. For every available job there are now at least 50 other people applying for it. We need to prepare our students to be better than the competition.

Research shows that a better College education has long term benefits such as:

– Improved general health

– A longer, happier life

– Increased lifetime salary