Support For Students

  • Regular progress reviews during weekly tutorial sessions
  • Consultation and parents’ evenings held twice a year
  • Access to mentor help and support and a College counsellor
  • Finance and welfare advice from Student Services
  • Careers and progression advice from tutors and Connexions
  • Impartial Careers Information Advice and Guidance from trained Careers Lead and Connexions

Support While you Study

The Schools teams are committed to supporting all students to ensure they reach their aspirations and to make their goals a reality. It is all about you! The Schools team are there to support the programmes of study that you have chosen, and to ensure that you are ready to meet the challenges and high expectations set for your learning. We are here to provide welfare and pastoral needs which will support and provide the equality of experience that is essential for every student across the College. 

All students are able to discuss their performance with subject teachers and with personal tutors. Students are required to meet all coursework and project deadlines and use their time effectively. Student targets are set, action plans drawn up and assessment points carried out at regular intervals. Consultation evenings are held twice a year for students, parents and guardian/carer, with the opportunity to talk to staff.


Tutorials are there to cover a range of important, current and contemporary topics including radicalisation and extremism, building employability skills, using social media, study skills and receiving targeted 1-1 support. 

Every student will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), mapping the route from their starting point to the achievement of individual goals, based on their initial assessment and prior achievement. ILPs are there for you to contribute to your own learning and become independent students. 
The ILP is a working document for checking progress against reviews or tutorial activities, amending targets and dates for actions to be achieved. All ILPs will be in a common format on CEDAR. They will be live documents that are useful not just to you, but for your teachers and parents/guardians also.

Celebrating Success

We want to celebrate your success, and that of all students whenever and wherever it occurs. Focussing on success and positive outcomes is essential in developing a positive culture and ethos across the College. There are many ways we celebrate success. We have introduced more opportunity to celebrate success and positive contributions through Celebration events. In January 2018 an initiative was launched by the Schools team to promote and reward improved attendance, positive contribution to the college community, working hard through mock week, arriving on time etc. Students were awarded raffle tickets throughout the month for each positive success with the opportunity to win a prize at the end of January. The Star prize being a much coveted and highly exclusive Mountain Bike.

Additional Learning Support (ALS)

The Additional Learning Support (ALS) team provide long and short-term study support and help to students at all levels according to their needs. The College aims to respond to individual needs, ensuring students receive the support they require.

Student Services

The office is open throughout the day and provides students with access to information, support and advice on a wide range of issues.

Help with Financing your Course

The Government provides funding to support students experiencing financial hardship whilst studying at college in the form of a Guaranteed Bursary and Discretionary fund for eligible students. Contact Student Services for details. 

No examination fees are charged for first time entry, subject to a minimum of 92% attendance, good punctuality and the satisfactory completion of all coursework projects.The payment of a deposit entitles students to the use of all learning and leisure facilities, an ID card and subsidised activities. This is refundable upon satisfactory course completion and the return of all College property in good condition.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The Careers Service at Gateway College works to prepare students for their next steps for positive progression. The service offers tailored 1:1 advice to all students to assist them in making important decisions and opportunities to access university taster days, apprenticeships and employers.

Throughout the academic year there are events taking place to help students make choices and provide information at key decision-making points. These include National Careers Week with access to employers and apprenticeship providers, the Higher Education Fair and sessions to prepare students for apprenticeships. This includes an event where students are given access to apprenticeship vacancies that they can apply for. 

The College has a full careers library with relevant up to date information to support students as well as excellent local and national links to universities and employers. 

The College is committed to providing an impartial advice service to students to ensure that they are provided with the correct information to allow them to positively progress. 

Contact Gateway College for Careers Information, Advice and Guidance: 
Careers General Information on 

Gold Award For Mental Health  

Gateway Sixth Form College has achieved Gold status for the Schools’ Mental Health Award from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence and Leeds Beckett University.  The College is proud to receive the award in recognition of the work undertaken to promote mental health and wellbeing for staff and students. It is committed to ensuring the environment is positive and open and that staff and students feel well supported during any difficult periods that they may be experiencing.

Su Peters, Head of School and the project lead commented,

“Good mental health and wellbeing of staff and students is central to the work that is done throughout the College and we are always striving for ways to reflect on the impact of that work”.